Starting a new job is certainly an exciting time. Usually, during the onboarding process, the HR representatives meet the new joiners and managers to welcome them with a round of introductions. But in a remote environment, the orientation is not the same.

Since the traditional onboarding processes have evolved, businesses look to innovate their operations as well. From onboarding, registration and remote operations, eyeDnow takes pride in offering a secured end-to-end environment with seamless navigation.

Increases Productivity & Saves time:

Staffing organizations manage tons of candidate’s meetings and documents. Sometimes more than a few together. These tedious processes call for an organized system. eyeDnow’s seamless navigation and effortless onboarding processes allow faster work at every step.

Automated registration:

eyeDnow allows the exchange of files and verification through an encrypted chat process or screen capture. The received images and documents are automatically saved providing a complete profile without moving a muscle.

Multiple Participants:

In an eyeDnow meeting, the host can allow more than one participant depending on the package selected.

Multi-layer Security:

Every eyeDnow meeting is secured with end-to-end encryption. All the participants and the host are only allowed into a meeting after a two-factor authentication.

Scheduled touch-base:

Once the candidate has completed the verification process, it becomes easier for the employer to also share joining details and documents easily through the file-sharing feature.

Onboarding paperwork:

Real-time verification is important in the remote working environment. Several staffing organizations only onboard candidates after verifying the identity through paperwork & valid signatures in real-time. It gets easier with eyeDnow due to its secured system & seamless document sharing.