Seamless Onboarding & Secured Meetings Anytime & Anywhere

Why Choose eyeDnow?

Enhance your business capabilities with ultimately secure onboarding solution coupled with HD video communication and consolidated dashboard for seamless navigation.

User-friendly Navigation

A seamless navigation through an intuitive dashboard makes scheduling and conducting meetings a piece of cake.

Any Device, Any Location

Join, collaborate and schedule meetings using any smart device and from any location instantly.


eyeDnow is equipped with robust end-to-end security encryption and authentication that keeps out the bad guys.

Designed to provide

an extra layer of security

HD Resolution & Sound

Clear & vibrant video gives meetings a seamless flow. The host can also screen-share videos and bring ultimate video & sound quality.

Calendar Sync

Every scheduled meeting on eyeDnow sends a direct invite to respective emails, text message & also streamline calendars.

Collaborative Environment

During a visual identity verification meeting, the host along with participant's consent can screen capture documents & pictures instantly.

Audit Trail

Once the meeting ends, every eyeDnow call gets recorded on a centralized cloud database along with documents for a maximum of 3 months.

Secured Team Meetings

Confidential meetings and discussions must ensure there's no leak or forced intrusion. eyeDnow's secured meeting allows partners to share information without hesitation.

Easiest Onboarding

When eyeDnow captures the images & documents via screen, it automatically registers the user and also creates a repository.

Seamless Multiple Meetings

The secured and sophisticated environment created on the eyeDnow platform is one of the best uses for corporate meetings. The system allows you to create meetings instantly or schedule them for later.

  • Schedule Meeting
  • Instant Meeting
  • One on One meeting
  • Unlimited group meetings
  • Maximum meeting duration 240 minutes
  • Maximum participant limit 50

The maximum meeting duration is 240 minutes and the maximum number of people in a call is 50.

Intelligent Notifications

Break free from the hectic schedule and forget about missing any of your meetings. eyeDnow is here to remind you of all your scheduled meetings.

  • Email notifications with calendar invite
  • Email notification with custom messages
  • SMS notifications

The intelligent system will remind you of your meetings via emails and messages to help you keep track of them all.

High Quality Video Call

How do you verify the identity of your customers remotely and digitally? The answer is simple if they are who they say it is on their ID.

  • HD video and audio
  • Encrypted video call
  • Meeting view - Speaker view, User selected view

eyeDnow’s automated scanning and verification will register the ID and the selfie of the person to ensure they are who they claim to be.

Smart Geolocation and IP capture

To ensure the data shared by the customer is appropriate and accurate, eyeDnow captures geolocation and IP address in real-time.

  • Geo-Locations Capture
  • IP-Address Capture

This protects organizations against fraudsters & helps register the correct information through a seamless onboarding experience.

Complete Host Control

An online meeting doesn’t need to compromise between functionality and security.

  • Mute audio
  • Turn off video
  • Remove participants
  • Capture image and documents

With eyeDnow, the host gets the upper hand in managing the entire meeting by capturing documents, images and managing the participants in real-time for an ultimately secured experience.

Super-Easy and Secure Image Capture

eyeDnow’s intelligent system identifies the ID shown on the camera in a secured environment and captures the image in HD quality.

  • User image capture
  • Document capture
  • User ID capture
  • Signature capture

The host can also allow participants to share already scanned documents.

Convenient Screen Share

Remote onboarding is not always perfect and easy. Having the right set of technological resources is also important. To tackle that, the host can allow users to screen share and present their documents instantly.

  • Multiple screen sharing ability
  • Browser-based meeting
  • Multi-window screen support

Smart Signature Pad

Along with being more user-friendly, eyeDnow introduces you with the latest updates to simplify the onboarding process for the customers.

  • Image with summary
  • Send a link and user can upload image

The host can share a Signature Pad feature for the users to sign digitally through their mouse and save it for all future registrations.

Instant Chat and File Sharing

It enables the host to chat with the participant(s) instantly and both the parties can share files over the video call.

Highly Secure Video Recordings

eyeDnow records the entire live video session for future reference.

  • 3 months cloud storage
  • Video playback with download and move to preferable cloud storages

Users can play the video, download it to their system or store the video in their cloud location.

Secured Cloud Storage

Currently, eyeDnow has three highly secure cloud storages- AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

  • Image
  • Documents
  • Meeting video recordings

The participant’s image, documents and meeting video get stored in the secured cloud location


Apps are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux as well as for iOS and Android OS

Mobile Apps:

  • Android
  • IOS


eyeDnow is a unified system with a consolidated dashboard that presents a wide array of operations right on the dashboard.

  • Dashboard
  • Trans Reports
  • Meeting Reports
  • User and role management
  • Org management:
  • The system provides the transparent call summary to the user
  • Payments
  • Custom Terms and conditions

The unified system has a tab to showcase all meeting activities and reports after the meeting ends.


eyeDnow is a White-label app. Feel free to add your logo on top of the system and customize as per your requirements.

  • Application Theming: The application can be themed based on your requirements
  • Custom Logo: You have the flexibility to add your logo
  • Custom subdomain: eyeDnow allows you to use your sub-domain

eyeDnow will also provide you with a custom sub-domain for flexibility and operational efficiency.

Salesforce Integration

Set-up, sync & go! eyeDnow as a platform allows you to integrate your CRM resources to efficiently collaborate across platforms

  • We can integrate the Salesforcer for you
  • Create, update, cancel meetings from Salesforce: You can create, update, cancel the meetings from the Salesforce itself
  • eyeDnow is equipped to integrate with most of the top-notch CRM solutions


eyeDnow also provides dedicated 24/7 support via phone and email for Basic and Pro customers.

  • Email Support: We provide the 24*7 Email Support to our Basic and Pro customers
  • Phone Support: We provide 24*7 Phone Support to our Basic and Pro customers