Frequently Asked Questions

What is visual identity verification?

Visual identity is used to authorize an identity on occasions where the customer is physically not present before you to display any valid picture ID. It is an immediate electronic process that validates the identity of a customer.

What is Identity Validation?

Identity validation is a process that uses an advanced tool like eyeDnow which helps in conducting the identity validation process remotely.

This process requires basic various features like secure ID capture, geo-location capture, call records, etc., and may differ according to the needs of institutions or individuals.

What information does eyeDnow require to run an Identity verification?

eyeDnow is enabled with features like live secure video, secure Id capture, face recognition and picture ID verification, geo-location capture and, IP address capture. It uses all of the mentioned features to verify identity in real-time.

Where can eyeDnow be used for identity verification?

eyeDnow is the ultimate identity verification solution. Our visual Identification is flexible to fit in the need for identity verification in any environment, thus making the environment secure. eyeDnow comprises features that are ready to deploy and integrate as a stand-alone application or integrated as a module to satisfy the business need.

How does eyeDnow provide a secure environment for identity verification?

eyeDnow’s security features run in the backend of the verification process. eyeDnow is enabled with features such as IP capture and geo-location capture which helps to provide the most accurate live location of the customer. Apart from this eyeDnow keeps an encrypted backup of all the conducted identity verification processes which provide institutions capabilities to lessen frauds and scams.