26% of all law firms have experienced data breaches. It's important that all the processes, data sharing and meetings are secured end-to-end. As we evolve, the value of face-to-face meetings in the digital world and the new virtual meeting tools are making traditional meetings more redundant.

A law firm has a lot to do with managing clients, cases, employees, documents and deadlines. They need to ensure complete privacy, security and seamless interactions.

Remote legal proceedings:

Legal firms need to interact with their clients regularly to stay updated. However, in a remote environment, lawyers need to ensure complete security and confidentiality during a meeting or a deposition. eyeDnow's encryption allows lawyers to carry on with their work seamlessly.

Scheduled Arraignment:

Court hearings are punctual yet predictable. Even though it’s mostly a matter of minutes before the client officially enters their responses to the charges, at times clients find themselves waiting in court for hours.

End-to-End Encrypted Security:

eyeDnow works on a centralized cloud system with enhanced security & a multilayer privacy feature. Built on the foundation of eliminating identity fraud, the platform only allows the participants to enter a meeting after two-factor authentication.

File sharing & paperwork:

Legal firms can easily exchange documents and keep a track of them. The audit trail ensures all the documents and images from the meeting are saved in a centralized repository.

Signature pad:

Legal firms need to get the signatures or initials of their clients on every other document. To manage everything seamlessly in a secure environment, eyeDnow presents a signature pad as an in-built functionality as well.

Two-factor authentication:

Every participant entering an eyeDnow meeting has to go through 2 layers of security to prove they are who they claim to be.